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Bajra suppliers

Bajra Suppliers was established in 2002 with the main aim to cater the Jewelry industry of Nepal for all jewelry-related products from around the world. World best Cubic Zirconia to Latest state-of-the-art

Bajra Suppliers is officially registered with all concerned Govt. Departments of Nepal. It has now over 350 satisfied jewelers clientele all over Nepal

Bajra Suppliers are official dealers for Skyray, China; Swarovski Cubic Zirconia, Austria; Jindeli Molds, China; Amrit Group, India; Loose Cubic Zirconia, China. Yihui Casting China, Jiuchen Electro Furnace China, SPECTRO Analytical, Germany, Omaker, Taiwan, Dikai, China. And our endeavor to bring the latest Jewelry tools and Machinery to Nepalese Jewelers will never cease.

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