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  • Colored Uv Resin For Photon SeriesColored Uv Resin For Photon Series Black

    Colored UV Resin 1KG

    • Top-Choice for Entry-Level Users: Following the classic formula, Anycubic Standard Colored UV Resin is well integrated and in balance with the performance on printing precision, hardness, fluidity, etc.
    • High Precision, Fast Printing: This resin ensures the strength of molded parts and not excessive shrinkage, but also improve print speed, shorten the curing time and enhance the printing efficiency of LCD machines as much as possible.
    • Strong Adhesion During Printing, Easy to Detach After Forming: Not only success rate of printing and precision are high, but also the resin release force and adhesion are minimized, so that the model attached to the forming platform can be easily shovelled up. And low viscosity facilitates cleaning of machines and models.
    • Stable Performance, Wide Compatibility: Stable and easy to store under different climatic conditions, it overcomes the shortcomings of other resins that are easy to be softened by moisture and corroded by the environment.; Sensitive to 365-410 nm UV wavelength, especially, better results in use with Anycubic 3D resin printers.
    • User Guide: To ensure its stable performance, please shake the resin well before use and keep sealed and away from light after use; To ensure your safety, please wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated.
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    Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12k

    Experience the ultimate printing precision and quality with the ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra. It features a 10-inch 12K mono LCD with a resolution of 11520×5120 and an XY resolution of 19×24 microns, which allows you to print models with exceptional details and sharp edges. The printer uses a COB + refractive light source, which reduces light dispersion and provides uniform and consistent light distribution, resulting in high-quality prints with a smooth surface and dimensional accuracy.

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    Senertek Cast V3 Resin

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    WaxJet 400

    WaxJet 400, a large-size, high-precision, multi-jet wax 3D printer, can print casting wax patterns with smooth surface and high fineness. It is suitable for investment casting fields such as jewelry, crafts, precision casting and aerospace