GemPen® Premium is the most complete kit that we have to offer; it includes all the different filters to screen and analyze Diamonds and to give indications on Corundum (Rubies & Sapphires).  The included LW Filter 4 (in combination with Filter 1) helps the user to distinguish between a naturally fluorescing diamond, lab created diamonds or an HPHT treated natural diamond.  Filters 2 and 3 are used in combination with Filter 1 and 4 to screen for synthetics and flame-fusion (Verneuil), as well as heat, beryllium, and other treatments.

Shipping All Over Neapl.

  • Check Mark Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Check Mark +97701-5324699
  • Indicates HPHT & CVD lab created diamonds with Filter 1 (included)
  • Indicates HPHT color enhancement treatment on natural diamonds
  • Works on rough, polished & mounted gemstones
  • All gemstone sizes: 0.01ct-10.00+
  • Diamond color range:  D-M
  • Screens 100’s of stones in a matter of minutes
  • Includes all screening filters (Filter 1, Filter 2, Filter 3, Filter 4)
  • Travel Case / Darkroom to check gemstones on the go
  • Portable pocket size / purse size design
  • Battery powered & USB rechargeable
  • Access to GemPen® Academy
  • Innovated by a Gemologist for Gemologists
  • Applications:  in the field, wholesale diamond & gemstone buyers, gemological labs & educational institutes, appraisal services providers, screening while shopping at trade shows & when receiving set goods, pawn shops, auction houses, jewelry repair & custom design houses, jewelers, all natural & lab created diamond and gemstone retailers

Specifications GemPen

Specifications GemPen®
Length: 240 mm
Width: 36 mm
Height: 32 mm
Weight: 405 g
Power: 2,5 W / 3300 mAh
Battery: 12 Wh
Operational temperature: -10° C to + 35° C
Charging temperature: 0° C to + 45°C
Maximum 95 % humidity non condensing
IP 54
EMC: EN 61000-6-3:2007/A1:2011
EMC: EN 55022:2010 class A/B

Specifications GemPen
Travel Case
Length – 252 mm
Width – 55 mm
Height – 40 mm
Weight without GemPen®:130 g
Weight with GemPen®:535 g

Specification of GemPen®LED Indicator Colors
Off / No light
On / White (constant)
Charging <50% / Orange (blinking)
Charging >50% / Green (blinking)
Fully charged (charger mounted) / Green (cons)
Battery level medium / Orange (constant)
Battery level low / Red (blinking)
Safety timer (after 1 minute) / White (blinking)
Service needed / Red (constant)

GemPen Product Brochure

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