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Gold Testing Machine
XRF Gold Testing Machine


With its GOLDSCOPE series, Fischer offers a tailored solution for the non-destructive testing of gold and precious metals. The hardware and software of these robust X-ray fluorescence instruments is adapted to the unique requirements of the jewelry and gold sector. Focusing on the most important functions has made it possible to keep costs down while incorporating only proven, high quality components.


  • Compact and sturdy desktop instrument for non-destructive material analysis with X-ray fluorescence
  • Hardware and software aligned to the measurement tasks around gold and precious metals
  • Easy positioning of the sample, made possible by the spacious measurement chamber and bottom-up measurement direction
  • Compliant with EN 61010, DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568
  • 4 models for any application: GOLDSCOPE SD 510, GOLDSCOPE SD 515, GOLDSCOPE SD 520, GOLDSCOPE SD 550
  • The 510/515 devices have silicon PIN detectors
  • The 520/550 devices have silicon drift detectors for higher resolution of elements that are similar to each other
  • FISCHER WinFTM® software with predefined measurement tasks in analyzing precious metals


  • Non-destructive analysis of jewelry, coins and precious metals in test labs
  • Buying and selling of gold
  • Analysis of precious metals, dental alloys
  • Jewelry manufacture
  • Certification: solutions for refineries, assay offices and hallmarking
  • Thickness measurement on sterling silver, rhodium coatings or gold alloys


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