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    Senertek Cast V3 Resin

  • Spectro Midex2017 1 840x630Spectro Midex2017 1 840x630

    Spectro Midex 05

    Spectro Midex2017 4b 315x220Small spot energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometer optimized for precious metal testing and compliance screening

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    Synthetic Diamond Screener

    The first Synthetic Diamond Screener to detect Lab-Grown CVD Synthetic Diamond and HPHT Synthetic Diamond from earth mined natural diamonds. It can screen loose as well as mounted diamonds. It has an ability of screening automatic 360 degree testing of bangles, bracelets and rings. This smartest Screener can auto-generate test certificate results.
  • Vulcanizers MinVulcanizers 7 Min


    Both up and down heating plate has temp display to ensure more accurate temp control, heating plate size 200 x 200 mm

    • Even Heating
    • CE Certification
    • Installed with timer function
    • Digital temperature control
    • Aluminium heating plate
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    WaxJet 400

    WaxJet 400, a large-size, high-precision, multi-jet wax 3D printer, can print casting wax patterns with smooth surface and high fineness. It is suitable for investment casting fields such as jewelry, crafts, precision casting and aerospace