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    DiatechPRO DiaSynth

    The world’s most advanced device for preliminary Lab-Grown Diamonds and Simulants detection.

  • GemPen


    GemPen® Premium is the most complete kit that we have to offer; it includes all the different filters to screen and analyze Diamonds and to give indications on Corundum (Rubies & Sapphires).  The included LW Filter 4 (in combination with Filter 1) helps the user to distinguish between a naturally fluorescing diamond, lab created diamonds or an HPHT treated natural diamond.  Filters 2 and 3 are used in combination with Filter 1 and 4 to screen for synthetics and flame-fusion (Verneuil), as well as heat, beryllium, and other treatments.

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    Synthetic Diamond Screener

    The first Synthetic Diamond Screener to detect Lab-Grown CVD Synthetic Diamond and HPHT Synthetic Diamond from earth mined natural diamonds. It can screen loose as well as mounted diamonds. It has an ability of screening automatic 360 degree testing of bangles, bracelets and rings. This smartest Screener can auto-generate test certificate results.